Shepherd’s Hut

Briardene Shepherd’s Hut wheels, drawbar and chassis were left to us in a will from a local farmer friend. Our dream was to restore the hut to its former glory after carefully researching its history, so that as much as possible of the original character could be maintained. We faithfully sourced all the materials locally with great care so as to provide the best possible experience and unique stay for our guests.

Originally, the old huts provided a compact shelter and a place for the shepherds to rest their heads during the busy lambing season. They were often made by local blacksmiths with a hinged stable door and windows each side so that the shepherd could see his flock. There would often be a small bed with a space underneath to store orphaned or poorly lambs, a pot belly stove in one corner for additional warmth and cooking, and usually a corner cupboard where they stored veterinary supplies and the basics for their stay.

Our vision was to create a natural-based setting where others were able to share and appreciate simple living in a beautiful, peaceful woodland location.

Briardene Shepherd’s hut invites you to experience a tranquil stay in an intimate, natural rural space. Nestled in an enchanted, historic woodland, in the heart of North Yorkshire, the sights and sounds of nature envelop the senses.

Take mindful walks, making peaceful, happy steps during your stay. Wake to the early morning sunrise filtering through the trees accompanied by beautiful bird song.

As the sun sets, rest and rejuvenate under the canopy of the trees, stars, and the reflection of the moon on the stream.

We have carefully created a variety of glamping experiences to allow you to either glamp alone, with a partner or friend. Our aim is to offer the perfect balance for a soulful stay.

We also offer the opportunity to combine your glamping experience with woodland yoga which creates a unique back to nature self-care experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our tranquil woodland oasis.

Andrea & Peter Turnbull.

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