Luxury Lavender Eye Pillow Gift Box

A Luxury Gift Box for the mind and body, handmade in North Yorkshire.


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A Luxury Gift Box for the mind and body, handmade in North Yorkshire.

Lavender Eye Pillow:
Rest a while, breathe deeply and enjoy the gentle aroma of lavender to help soothe the mind and body.
Each eye pillow has a removable, washable outer sleeve made with a beautiful, fine quality and soft to touch fabric. The inner pillow is made using unbleached, natural muslin. Each pillow is lovingly hand filled with lavender and flax seeds.
Our eye pillows are ideal to be used during sleep preparation, yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions.

French Lavender Essential Oil 10ml:
French lavender helps to balance and nourish the emotions by reducing anxiety and helping to de-stress. When used at night time, lavender can help to induce sleep and soothe the mind. We call our therapeutic grade lavender oil, ’emotional kindness’ in a bottle due it’s gentle restorative properties.
Usage: 6-8 drops in an aromatherapy bath, 3-4 drops in a vapouriser and 1-2 drops on our reusable scrubbies to inhale throughout the day. 1-2 drops can be used periodically to top up the therapeutic aroma of your lavender eye pillow.
100% Cotton Crochet Reusable Eco Friendly Scrubbies:

Our hand crochet scrubbies are ideal to use as cleansing pads to remove make-up, cleanse and exfoliate, and can be used with 1 drop of our lavender essential oil during deep breathing inhalations at any time during the day to help calm the mind and body. We can also recommend using the scrubbies with essential oils for inhalations during yoga practice.

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Soothing Blue, Calming Green, Tranquil Russet


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